Originally, Learning Societies began offering training services to private clients on the Yorkshire Coast. We identified the need to provide bespoke educational advocacy and training services to non-traditional clientele. What was required was to identify ways to enable the ‘joining-up’ of service provision. Increasingly the clientele and the problems they faced fell into a pattern and it was realised that an independent educational advocacy service would allow a further development of cohesion in client provision.

As a result of extensive research, Learning Societies Ltd. began supplying non-medical helpers to Higher Education learners.

Here at Learning Societies Ltd it is our goal to provide our clients and employees with a responsible and flexible service ensuring our clients have access to all the services they need to pursue their goals and our staff are provided with the training, skills and expertise needed to fully support our clients in their learning endeavours.

We are now growing year on year with all of our staff and clients feeding in to the progression of services provided. This ensures that we are always growing and evolving to ensure that our service moves with the times. We are always keen to take on any client no matter what the circumstances; if we cannot help you in all aspects of your support our sister charity YELL SOS will sign post you and support you with your journey whilst you work with Learning Societies.

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