Here at Learning Societies Ltd (LS), we are dedicated to giving adult learners a chance to fulfil their educational potential.

Our service is provided to those aged 17 upwards, who may have learning differences which were not supported in ‘standard’ schools, colleges or universities. In the majority of cases these institutions are just not equipped to guide students on an individual basis. This can lead to students being failed in their right to a fair chance, often to be labelled as ‘troubled’ or ‘disruptive’. Sound familiar?

Here at LS we specialise in making sure that each individual is treated as an individual, with us helping you to learn your way.

Not only do we have the latest in up to date computing software designed specifically to enable you to achieve your goals, we have the ability to teach you how to use and get the most out of them. Not too techy? Well don’t worry about that either, as we have trained and dedicated mentors who also know how to use pen and paper!!

Have a look at just a few of the services provided:

  • Help with funding and applications
  • Access to computers and technology to suit your requirements
  • Accompanying you to training, college and university courses
  • Helping familiarise you with your learning environment
  • Note taking
  • Assessment support
  • Exam support

Why not get in touch and make an appointment to come and see us? The very least we offer is a cup of tea, however you could be on the road to fulfilling your life’s ambitions!!! But don’t let us tell you, why not hear from a couple of our existing clients?

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