New term, new year, new course?

…..beginning anything new is frightening, exciting but frightening. Even if it’s a new online course ‘meeting’ new people brings the challenge of not being able to smile and share a facial expression between you and another person. If you do use emotion it’s in the form of a public emoticon 🙂 which brings it’s own challenge and opinions of others.

The start of a course of learning opens up all of those old wounds that school ground politics visited upon us, it pokes the deepest of wounds and opens up scabs we thought had long been healed.

Why are human beings so challenged by being together, what prompts people to have a go at each other, form cliques or causes our minds to make judgements about others?

If you find you are irritated by another group member or person on your course, take a look at what you feel like and why, it’s usually something we need to look at within ourselves anyway, when we point fingers there are four more pointing back at guess who?

Good luck everyone who is beginning the new term the new year or a totally new course. Remember, talking about how you feel is a positive thing. Talk to someone if you’re finding it difficult be that your Mentor, Counsellor, or a mate. It’s good to share.

By on Monday October 13th, 2014 at 19:16
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